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I’m Robert Hammett. My daily work as an IT professional reminds me that computers were designed to simplify our lives. However without proper setup and support, our devices can cause headaches instead.

I love solving problems. My goal at Easier Technologies is to provide IT support whether it’s for your home or for an entire business network.




People say, “It just doesn't work.” If it’s not working the way you want, I’ll work with you to find out why. No charge. Let's chat.

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Preventative maintenance can keep most of the bad things from happening. I prefer to focus on the initial setup, creating backups, password management and general good security hygiene.

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I'm offering phone-based and virtual remote computer support, curbside pickup, and have even met a few people at coffee shops with outside seating. I'm up for brainstorming an arrangement that makes sense.

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Let’s do what we can to keep the bad stuff from happening.

backup applications
Best Practice: Backups If your computer or phone gets broken or goes missing, will you lose all your pictures, contacts, and text messages? Will you lose your tax returns, business documentation, or Grandma’s recipes? If you’re a victim of ransomware, will you or your business lose […]
Windows Update dialog box
Updates are forever. Yes, you do have to update it again. Why? New features and fixes for old (recently discovered) mistakes. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are web browsers; tools we use to navigate the internet. They both do the same job and both need updated […]