What can you do to stay safe online?

Be more secure.

Software Updates

Uninstall any software you don’t need and update the software you do need. Patch third-party software using a free tool like the Home Updater offered by PatchMyPC.

Password Management

Use a password manager like LastPass or 1Password to generate a different, complex password for every site you visit. They remember the passwords for you. Enable Multi-factor authentication (MFA) where ever it’s available.


Regularly backup your important files to an external hard drive and/or to the cloud.

Non-admin Account

Create a standard user account for daily use and a separate administrative user account for installing applications and changing system settings. Do not log in with the administrative user.

Antivirus / Ad block

The antivirus on your Windows 10 computer is sufficient for most people. You should install an ad blocker like uBlock Origin to keep annoyances at bay.

Other Good Stuff

Learn if passwords have been exposed due to website breaches via for the free service from haveibeenpwned.com. Small businesses can setup notifications for all their email address.