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I love solving your technology problems either socially distanced or remotely!

My goal at Easier Technologies is to provide IT support for your business or home network. I want to keep the bad things from happening. But, when they do, I know you need to get back to work and on with your life.

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People say, “It just doesn't work.” If it’s not working the way you want, I’ll work with you to find out why. No charge. Let's chat.

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Preventative maintenance can keep most of the bad things from happening. I prefer to focus on the initial setup, creating backups, password management and general good security hygiene.

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I'm offering phone-based and virtual remote computer support, curbside pickup, and have even met a few people at coffee shops with outside seating. I'm up for brainstorming an arrangement that makes sense.

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I’d love to chat about your technology needs or simply answer any questions you have.